Organizing Events

PHA Multan prides itself on organizing various events & Public Festivals. The goal of PHA Multan is to provide people with recreational services through the parks & greenbelts it manages. So, while throughout the year we focus on providing the recreational services in these parks through Picnic Spots, Swings for Children, Outdoor Gyms, Walking Tracks etc., we also organize various events to offer even more options for the public to relax and enjoy the natural beauty through our shows. Among the various events PHA Multan organises the notable one's are the following:

  • Annual Spring Flower Festival (During the months of March - April)
  • Annual Chrysanthemum Flower Exhibition (During the month of December)

During these events PHA Multan uses its Horticultural expertise to grow, plant and arrange in various stalls and patterns beautiful flowers of the season in various parks & greenbelts for the enjoyment of the Public.