DG's Message

Multan is one of the oldest living cities in the world. The climate of the city is extremely hot with temperatures hitting up to 52 Degrees Celsius in the summer. Horticulture has now been recognized worldwide as an important component in the development of cities, buildings and houses. Plantation and Trees can play a vital role in controlling the immense heat and help people cope with the warm weather of the city.

Ever since its inception PHA Multan has been working tirelessly to not only restore, rebuild, renovate and re-organize parks, green belts, chowks and conspicuous walls but also plant trees throughout the city. These trees shall not only help control the heat but also add to the beauty of the city.

Being DG, my vision for Parks & Horticulture Authority Multan is two-fold, first is to restore, rebuild and most importantly maintain all of the parks of Multan city. Second, to make Multan a Green city by planting more trees throughout the city and developing horticulture activities.

Both of these goals will in the long run, benefit the residents of Multan and that is indeed the Ultimate goal of every government organization. The launching of PHA Multan Website along with its social media pages is also another step towards connecting us with the people of Multan. The more connected we will be, the more effective every step PHA takes will become; as it is only by working together that we can make Multan a Green City. I request all of you to join hands with PHA and help us in achieving our goals.

Mr. Asif Rauf Khan
Director General
Parks & Horticulture Authority, Multan