The functions of PHA Multan have been set by the PHA Act 2012 according to which the Authority shall:

  • Develop and maintain public parks, green belts and green areas
  • Regulate the use of public parks, green belts and green areas
  • Regulate the installation of billboards, sky signs, out-door advertisements on private or public property
  • Establish and maintain botanical gardens
  • Organize shows and exhibitions pertaining to horticulture, aviculture and cultural entertainment
  • Protect trees and other vegetation
  • Create awareness about horticulture and promote gardening
  • Acquire land for the development of any public park, green belt, or green area
  • Procure machinery, equipment or material as may be required for the proper discharge of its functions
  • Grant a service contract for the maintenance of public parks, green belts or green areas to a company owned by it or to any other private or public limited company
  • Constitute committees for performing specific functions of the Authority