Our Directorates

PHA Multan has 4 Directorates to perform its functions.

Admin & Finance Directorate

The Directorate of Admin & Finance looks after the administrative and financial affairs of the department. These include administrative functions such as recruitment, DPC, record maintenance, arranging BOD meetings along with financial functions such as budget preparation, cashbook maintenance and coordination with government departments in financial matters.

Horticulture Directorate

The Directorate of Horticulture looks after the matters pretaining to horticulture and performs various functions such as to bring uniformity and integrate horticultural development approach for beautification of city, development & maintenance of new and already developed parks, green belts & green areas, enviornmental improvements, organizing of events like Jashn-e-Baharan and organizing tree plantation campaigns during various seasons.

Engineering Directorate

The Engineering Directorate works primarily for the development & maintenance of parks, green belts and green areas in the city. It looks after the maintenance of engineering works and deals with development works, upgradation of parks, enlistment of firms and procurement of equipment and machinery for the department.

Marketing & Coordination Directorate

The Directorate of Marketing looks after the matters related to outdoor advertisement. The directorate also deals with the leasing and contracting of PHA Multan properties. It coordinates with other directorates and other departments for holding of fairs and exhibitions and is responsible for the overall recovery from the various revenue resources.